GSoC Week 10

Started off this week by continuing my work on #11422. I added support for singular initial conditions in multiplication and made some amendments in addition too. They now can return a Holonomic function with singular initial condition. The input functions can have singular initial condition both or one of them can have singular one and the other one with ordinary initial condition.

# one function have singular initial condition and the other have ordinary.
In [4]: expr_to_holonomic(x) + expr_to_holonomic(sqrt(x))
Out[4]: HolonomicFunction((1/2) + (-x/2)Dx + (x**2)Dx**2, x), {1/2: [1], 1: [1]}

In [5]: _4.to_expr()
Out[5]: √x + x

In [6]: expr_to_holonomic(x) * expr_to_holonomic(sqrt(x))
Out[6]: HolonomicFunction((-3/2) + (x)Dx, x), {3/2: [1]}

In [7]: _6.to_expr()

# both have singular initial conditions.
In [9]: expr_to_holonomic((x)**(S(1)/3)) + expr_to_holonomic(sqrt(x))
Out[9]: HolonomicFunction((1/6) + (x/6)Dx + (x**2)Dx**2, x), {1/3: [1], 1/2: [1]}

In [10]: _9.to_expr()
3 ___
╲╱ x  + √x
In [11]: expr_to_holonomic((x)**(S(1)/3))*expr_to_holonomic(sqrt(x))
Out[11]: HolonomicFunction((-5/6) + (x)Dx, x), {5/6: [1]}

In [12]: _11.to_expr()

I found some problems in coding because of storing these initial conditions in two different attributes. So I merged them to a single attribute and instead added methods to check which one is stored and refactored the existing code using it.

I opened a new PR #11451 majorly focused on adding singular initial conditions to the result of .expr_to_holonomic() when necessary. At first I added it in converting polynomials. Here are some examples:

In [14]: expr_to_holonomic(3*x**3+4*x**2)
Out[14]: HolonomicFunction((-9*x - 8) + (3*x**2 + 4*x)Dx, x), {2: [4, 3]}

In [15]: _14.to_expr()
x ⋅(3⋅x + 4)

In [16]: expr_to_holonomic(x)
Out[16]: HolonomicFunction((-1) + (x)Dx, x), {1: [1]}

In [17]: _16.to_expr()
Out[17]: x

I also a found a bug in .to_hyper() when the recurrence relation has order 0. Added its fix too. Earlier the output also considered negative exponents which weren’t needed.

# previously
In [18]: expr_to_holonomic(y*x, x).integrate(x).to_expr()
x ⋅y
──── + C₁
# after fix
In [19]: expr_to_holonomic(y*x, x).integrate(x).to_expr()
x ⋅y

What Next:

I hope to add singular initial conditions to more types of functions in .expr_to_holonomic().


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